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Dec 29, 2012 4:00pm PST
. >> the name "nevada" comes from the spanish phrase "sierra nevada," which means snow-covered mountains. the sierra nevada range rises along the state's western border. in 1857, a huge deposit of silver, known as the comstock lode, was discovered. prospectors flocked to nevada, seeking their fortunes. settlements quickly grew into towns. not only did nevada change, its state flag would change many times. >> nevada's original flag was quite garish. it had big stars. it had the word "silver" on it, the word "gold." >> over the years, the flag was changed at least three more times, and the slogan "battle born" was added. >> and that's because nevada was added to the union during the civil war. >> the slogan rests upon a sagebrush wreath that partially surrounds "nevada" and a large silver star. the star represents the importance of silver throughout nevada's history. huge quantities of silver still flow out of nevada's mines each year, and huge quantities of silver flow into nevada, as well, thanks to the thousands of slot machines in the state's most famous city, las vegas. with "flag fac
Dec 29, 2012 11:30pm PST
moscu rusia , en california están bajo nevadas y lluvias con que provocan retrasos en vuelos , un espectacular rescate , ya volvemos no se vaya . >>> las imágenes que veremos , nos muestra donde un avión se sale de una pista de aterrizaje en el aeropuerto de moscu la aeronave que venia de republica checa , se desintegro y se incendio , 4 murieron , y 4 gravemente heridos . >>> una tormenta invernal azota al noreste del país las nevadas podrían caer en boston massachsetts ,la ciudad de new york y philadelphia tuvieron una mezcla de lluvia y nevada además una precipiracion para ambas ciudades , la combinacion de lluvias y temperaturas cercanas provocarán nevadas en san francisco , las condiciones sran inestables , y en el sur del estado ,se esperan intensas lluvias , una docena de personas terminaron en las aguas los valient3es voluntarios cayeron también , està escena , lanzaron cuerdas y flotadores y ya se recuperan . >>> además de salvar vidas la donacion de organos trae consuelos es el mensaje que trasmite organizaciones , desde california , entérese como más persona
Dec 6, 2012 7:00pm PST
-- they say they will not give mckee --. >>> a nevada woman has been found alive. suffering from exposure. a hunch by her brother helped bring her to safety. >> last night -- i couldn't without hurting her. >> her sister said they found that she was alive from her brother who went to search for her last night twice. >> he just had this feeling. we all thought -- we can't stop him. we just knew -- let him do what he felt he had to do and god help him. he did the right thing. and to hear him say i found her, i found her, i can't explain it for you guys. >> the brother found her off burns road where her and her boyfriend had become trapped in the snow. her boyfriend left the vehicle for help, but she realized he was not coming back and she left for help. doctor treating her for the most mild form of frost bite. >> she was one lucky person. >> hinted at the way she stayed alive saying that a stop that they made before getting stuck proved life saving. >> they had stopped by family members houses. they got tomatoes. so that's how she sustained herself. >> she was malnourished. he suspects her
Dec 29, 2012 5:00pm PST
coastline, and still some snow in the sierra nevada. so a couple more inches tonight for western nevada and lake tahoe basin, and right now temperatures are dropping through the 40s, so chilly out there 48 in livermore, 46 in fairfield. partly cloudy to clear conditions, with 52 in san francisco so nice to see the sunshine today, and we will feature more sunshine but two more weaks systems will parallel the coast for two nights. so partly cloudy and cold tonight. chance of showers late in the south bay, and then for new year's eve, sunshine, but late in the evening, bringing in a chance of showers. high-elevation snow, anywhere from 2500 feet to 3,000 feet where we could see some of the snowy peaks around here. rainfall totals from last night. not too impressive in the north bay, with .09. san francisco, a quarter inch, and redwood city, third inch, and nearly a half inch near ben loman. we're still watching the surf. a high surf advisory until 10:00 tonight. the swells anywhere from 10 to 14 feet. so dangerous out there. here's a look at more overnight lows. plenty of upper 20s from an
Dec 15, 2012 6:30pm PST
bowl against nevada, in white, q-b cody fajardo scored .nevada is up 45-28 >> now to football. look at the arizona flares going after each other. can't they just shake hands? this is the new mexico bowl against nevada. nevada up 45-28, third. here came arizona to get to within 6 and then they got the on sides kick. and with 20 seconds left, the slant, arizona scored 14 points in the last 46 minutes of the game to win 49-48. stanford hosting uc-davis in basketball. they ran them out of the gym. check dwight powell the drive, and the gutteral ul gh! they beat the aggies 75-52. robby clemens with that shot there. >>> tom crane, jim harbaugh's brother-in-law indiana against butler last seconds. game. hoosiers tied the game at 76. it goes to overtime. tied at 86. butler's andrew barlow the floater. 88-86 over number 1 indiana. >> gabriel ludwig at peace with herself. is once again playing college basketball and she is finally at peace with herself. at mission college in santa clara, you won't find too many players like gabby ludwig. know that she turns 51 and 30 years since she last play
Dec 26, 2012 6:00am PST
.m. on december 31st. óó >> this morning and have alleged acts warning has expired on lake tahoe. sierra nevadas years enjoyed a fresh blanket of snow on christmas. caltrans also issued a warning to drivers making sure they had a chance to drive through the area. steady snow will continue throughout this morning. it is always one of those questions of if you can get there you'll love the snow. >> we saw some rain here which meant snow in the sierra nevada. it is really scattered and nature and you can see how san rafael has a small cell producing moderate to heavy rain in the east bay. and sam francisco just east of daly city and also downtown there is a pretty good-sized sell going through there. they're all looking at light rain that is coming through as well. further south in the peninsula of menlo park and the peninsula have monday you're looking at hat light to moderate showers. cupertino and sunnyvale is also looking at what conditions this morning. right now things are looking like they're moving through fairly quickly. we do not expect these to last a long time, just a couple of minutes.
Nov 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
hoy por la mañana nos dejó sentir su furia con fuertes vientos, nevadas en las zonas altas, el sistema va a nevada, vienen cielos despejados a miedo nublados y después otra segunda tormenta, traería par nosotros más lluvias en la región, el pronóstico para el fin de semana y como nos esperan en diciembre, detalles al volver. >> y en otro tema la corte suprema de estados unidos aplaó hoy la decisión de la proposición 8 de california, la reunió cerró con ese asunto pendiente, aunque está la posibilidad de retomar el lunes por la mañana . >> después de que un tribunal de apelaciones la declarara inconstitucional. >> y la ley de california que promueve terapias para revertir la homosexualidad estaría siendo revisada. >> se verá si se debe otorgar una medida cautelar para la ley sb1172, la policía de monterrey sereno busca a un hombre que hirió a una mujer y le robó en la cuadra 18 mil dónde estaba la pareja, el ladrón atacó a moradores y luego saqueó la vivienda. >> dos personas llegaron a un hospital desangrandose, tiroteo del boulevard internacional, un sujeto a bor
Dec 15, 2012 5:00pm PST
off in albuquerque with arizona and nevada facing off. the first of 35 bowl games in the next 22 games. what a game. third quarter. nevada quarterback double fakes, finds a wide-open richie turner. wolfpack up 10. arizona onlies back. 14:36 to play. 48-42 nevada. the ensuing kickoff, the onside kick, get it, march down the field. third t.d. pass of the game other. >> utah state facing toledo in the idaho potato bowl. feet ton, 62 yards touchdown, finished with 270 yards in the air. utah state wins the always popular idaho potato bowl, 41-15. >>> the division 2 championship game, went from tate's opening kickoff. to his own four, up the middle. 96 yards. 7-0 valdosta just like that. still in the first. blazers, o'neill, fourth and one, 24 yards to the end zone. o'neill, 141 yards on 24 carries. valdosta wins their first national championship, ending their season 12-2. >> high school football, marine and maddison for the cif division three championship game in carson, california. fourth quarter, marin catholic quarterback headed to cal, threw four t.d.'s on the day. hit at the line and i
Dec 15, 2012 6:00pm PST
season kicked off in albuquerque, arizona and nevada in the new mexico bowl. first of 35 bowl games in the next 22 days. third quarter, the nevada quarterback fakes. wolfpack up 10. arizona back in the fourth. 46 seconds to play. scott, quick pass, 4842 evidence in damp. ensuing kickoff, wildcats onside kick. they get it. march down the field and throws his third t.d. of the game. this one to terrence miller. wildcats hold off nevada to win theful bowl, 49-48. pac-12 is 1-0 in bowl games so far. >> utah state facing toledo in the idaho potato bowl in boise on the smurf turf. the option. see ya later. 62 yards, 227 yards in the air. 89 on the ground. utah state wins the always pop already idaho potato bowl, 41-15 the final. >> division ii championship, valdosta and salem. up the middle. 96 yards later, 7-0 valdosta before they even sat down. still in the first. o'neill, fourth and one. goes 4 yards, o'neill, 141 yards on 24 carries. valdosta state wins their third national championship, 35-7 your final, ending their season 12-2. >> high school football, marin catholic facing madison
Dec 7, 2012 4:30am PST
. >> reporter: paula and her boyfriend rod clifton were on their way back to nevada from citrus heights. rod left to find help after they jeep got stuck in the snow but never returned. a day later paula went too. >> it's been a haul waiting all those days. >> reporter: rod didn't sur survive and time was running out for paula. shortly after that, her brother found paula in the snowy wilderness. >> last night when my brother called e took the call and to hear him say i found her, i found her. i can't explain it for you guys. >> reporter: incredibly she not only survived but is expected to fully recover with nothing more severe than minor frostbite. >> she was one very lucky person. i don't know what she did, where she had god's good grace but she was very lucky that it wasn't more severe. >> reporter: paula is expected to be released from the hospital early next week. her family says she wants to tell her story. in carson city, ben sosenko, cbs 5. >>> police in antioch say three men shot and killed a man who they thought store their loathe clothes. the -- their clothes. the incident started l
Dec 15, 2012 9:00pm PST
of the season, butler has a huge upset 88-86 the final. >> college bowl season with arizona and nevada facing off. first of 35 bowl games. what a game it was. third quarter, nevada quarterback, wide open ritchie turner, arizona back in the fourth, down 13. 46 seconds to play, to austin hill, nevada down six. ensuing kickoff arizona gets it and he throws the third td pass. wildcats hold on to win the new mexico bowl, 49-48. a. >> division two championship game, opening kickoff, matt pierce with own four-yard line, 96 yards untouched. 7-0 just like that. fourth and one he goes 24. he had 141 yards on 24 carries. 35-7 is the final ending the season at 12-2. >> high school football, marin catholic facing madison high school from san diego for the division championship game in carson, california. quarterback threw four tds on the day but right in the hands. wildcats are up but madison answers and ensuing drive, 272 yards 79 yards are right there. madison with the division champion, 38-35 victory. >> tonight houston, san leandro knocked out to retain his super bantum weight title. he was in control
Dec 15, 2012 5:30pm PST
going after each other. >> oh. >> this is a new mexico bowl defending nevada in white, cody off the read option. nevada is up 45-28 in the 3rd but arizona comes back and gets to withi 6 they got the on sides kick. the winning touchdown. arizona scores 14 points in the last 46 seconds to win 49-48 over nevada. >>> stanford hosting uc-davis. wonder if they called this second half play at time-out? dwight powell and... he scored 20 points. later in the half here's robby lemons dealing a three ball from the corner. carter love 20. they beat the aggies from uc- davis 75-52. cardinal 7-3. >>> indiana facing butler. last seconds. game, hoosiers nail a three to tie the game at 76. game in overtime tied at 86. a floater bucket. ballgame. 88-86 over number one indiana. like i said, wild finishes this afternoon. >> christmas came early for gabrielle ludwig. 30 years away from the game she is once again playing college basketball and she is finally at peace with herself. at mission college in santa clara, you won't find too many players like gabby ludwig. know that she turns 51 and 30 years
Dec 26, 2012 6:30pm PST
preocupante, en nevada wllluvias cambian los planes de millones de pasajeros en el paÍs. >> los Ángeless adelanta su programa de compra de armas despuÉs de la masacre de connecticut, en mÉxico inician huelga de hambre por las detenciÓnes injustos en la toma de posesiÓn de enrique peÑa fwhee nieto. >> decenas de personas acuden a las tiendas a cambiar regalos recibidos en el dÍa de navidad. noticiero telemundo comienza ya. >> muy buenas tardes josÉ dÍaz-balart estÁ de vacaciones, comenzamos el noticiero en mÉxico en donde un grupo de manifestantes comenzÓ una jornada de ayuna despuÉss de ser acusados de cometer de vandalismo en la toma de posesiÓn de enrique peÑa nieta, raÚl torres nos tiene el reporte. >> apenas suman 48 horas pero el hambre comienza a ponerlos dÉbil, su ayuno serÁ de 4 dÍas asÍ exigen la libertad de sus familiares encarcelados el 1 de diciembre cuando estallÓ la violencia en la ciudad, ese dÍa mÁs de 100 personas fueron arrestadas de la ppor la policÍ hijo enrique participa en el ayuno, dice que su padre no tenÍa que ver en las protestass. >> lo
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm PST
>>> a nevada couple stuck in the freezing sierra have been found. but only one is safe. the two were stuck in the snow for nearly a week after visiting family near sacramento. >> it is an incredible story of survival, but not without tragedy. paula lane stayed alive by eating the tomatoes she and her boyfriend packed for the trip. sadly, her boyfriend died while trying to find help. >> we're very happy that she made it. [ crying ] >> reporter: linda says it's tough to keep her composure. she breaks while talking about the emotional roller coaster her family has been through looking for her sister, paula. >> we've been a wreck, waiting all those days trying to know if she made it. >> reporter: she did. but her boyfriend roderick did not. her dad's love for off-roading may have led to his death, she says. >> he probably saw some cool spot where he could see the river and said, hey, i'm going to test out my 4-wheel drive! and probably got stuck in that storm. >> reporter: clifton and lane veteranished a week -- vanished a week ago, heading up highway 50 to nevada. wednesday night
Dec 2, 2012 1:00am PST
. >>> voters in nevada appear to keep an open mind. take for example lance gilman, the owner of the infamous or just famous mustang ranch brothel. the first brothel owner to win public office in nevada since prostitution was legalized. but voters didn't think twice about electing him. he won the november 6th election with 62% of the vote. commissioner lance gilman joins me now from reno, the biggest little city in the world in nevada. listen, thank you for joining us. >> it's a pleasure, don. i've been a fan of yours for a long time. it's a real pleasure to be with you here tonight. >> thank you very much. i have to say, the most boring thing i think that you can be in life is a conformist. and you are certainly not a conformist. that's what makes you special. i want to ask you about -- men like david petraeus, bill clinton, they pay a big price for their "immoral" behavior. but you won by a significant margin. why do we say one thing and then do another? >> i don't believe that my election was anything about the morality issue. if you look at the mustang ranch in story county, it's a wonder
Dec 10, 2012 8:30pm EST
mexico and of course colorado and nevada, but in arizona they're still asleep some people ask why. i think in part it's because they have not established rooting, the roots in the community like in, say, california or texas. >> go into the numbers a little bit. what percentage of the population -- we heard the percentage of electorate. give us a sense of the percentage of the population, what they -- growth rate, expansion. >> in arizona, approximately one-third of the population are hispanic background. but when we take into consideration the qualifications to vote, the voting age population, only have 25% eligible to vote in terms of being over 18. but of that population, one-third are disqualified from participating because of their citizenship status. so that whittles the numbers down dramatically so you really only have 15% of the electorate being registered -- of registered voters being hispanic. >> what are the projections for, say, the next two decades or so? well they double? what are they going to do? >> yes, demographic trends in arizona suggest that latino populations wil
Dec 26, 2012 5:30pm PST
was working over christmas break at a mental health clinic in nevada county, california. >> at about 11:30 a client at the clinic came in and shot laura four times at point black range through the glass. >> what we know now after the fact is he had late onset paranoid schizophrenia. >> reporter: laura's murderer, scott thorp, killed two others, and then went home and took a nap. he was eventually sentenced to a locked mental hospital for life. >> we felt that laura's death was a result of a failed mental health system. we wanted to help prevent people from being so mentally ill that they would commit a violent act. >> reporter: helen thomson, a former psychiatric nurse, was a california legislator at the time, working on a law to get treatment and social services like housing for reluctant and sometimes dangerous mentally ill individuals. people who were not covered by existing laws. >> they were resistant. they didn't want to go to the clinic, or they didn't want to take their medicine or they just simply weren't willing to participate. we were answering the frustrations of families wh
Dec 10, 2012 8:30am EST
surging in new mexico of course, and, of course, colorado and nevada. but in arizona they are still asleep and people ask why. i think in part because they have not established the roots, the risen the community like latino populations have been, say, california or texas. >> do with the numbers a bit. what percentage of the population, what percentage of elected they made it this time around. give us a sense of the percentage of the population, the growth rates, the expansion. >> in arizona, approximately one-third of the population are hispanic background. but when we take into consideration qualifications to go, you only have 25% that are eligible to vote in terms of being over 18. but of the population, one-third are disqualified from participating in an election because of their citizenship status. so that whittles the numbers dramatically, so you really own have about 15% of the electora electorate, of the rush of voters being hispanic. >> what are the projections for, say, the next two decades or so? will they become, with a double in the national voting bloc? what are they doing? >>
Dec 26, 2012 6:00am PST
this circular? reward. five thousand somalians. for wrecking that stream line train over in nevada. yeah i remember. two men were robbed of almost a half million dollars in that wreck. a half million dollars? why would anybody carry that much on them? well the money was supposed to be used for a king sized business deal. old hermit hank was at the scene of the wreck. he was the only person noticed who wasn't a passenger. when they tried to question him, he ran away. yeah but that was way over in nevada. oh that's not too far for a wanderer like old hank. he dropped out of the picture about that time and this is the first news we have had of him since them. you don't suppose a harmless old guy like hank could have wrecked that train? maybe he ain't as harmless as he's supposed to be. sheriff, i know a spot where old hank usually hangs out. maybe if i went up there alone i could get him to talk. alright roy, i'll appoint you my special deputy. you can help me investigate this case. i'll let you know what i find out. bye sheriff. goodbye. bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
Dec 26, 2012 4:00am PST
of the sierra nevada ski resorts patrol team was injured after being caught in an avalanche has died. >> alpine meadows says that yesterday's 53 year-old bill foster died in a reno hospital. >> foster was buried in a slide that had been intentionally set with an explosive device by senior member of the ski patrol team. >> the team was doing analyst control in an area on the backside of the resort. >> resort officials said the allies broke much higher lighter on the slopes than in past snow save commissions. >> sierra nevada skiers enjoy the fresh blanket of snow on christmas. >> an avalanche warnings placed on the lake tahoe area yesterday, expiring this morning. >> caltrans also issued a warning to drivers, making sure they had a chance to drive to the area. >> steady snow will continue throughout this morning. >> the time is 4:15 this morning. i know rain is heading our way. anny the rain came in the afternoon we see much today? >> if you have holiday shopping to do it should be ok by this afternoon. storm tracker 4 showing scattered showers. the green is the light rain, the yellow is the mor
Dec 12, 2012 6:00am PST
pushing through the south bay, now into the sierra nevada, low snow levels too not a lot of moisture associated with this system from -- right now from morgan hill to san jose, a few areas of light rain around gilroy, headed out this morning, grab the jacket, temperatures in the upper 40s along the coast, isolated shower, a little breezy, around the bay, looking at upper 40s to lower 50s by this afternoon. a chance of showers lingers into the afternoon inland about the same deal upperpi%6m s right now, looking at a chance of showers throughout the afternoon. >>> busy but not a bad drive this morning. live look 80 westbound past golden gate fields, bunching where 580 merges with 80, things pick up past university into emeryville and bay bridge toll andman maci should say. live look at bay bridge toll, no -- and macarthur maze i should say many minor delay for cash paying folks, san mateo bridge good brake lights westbound, moisture, possible rain shower blowing through the san mateo bridge not bad towards foster city and some of your drive times >>> we are continuing to follow breakin
Dec 10, 2012 6:00pm PST
baja por la región con nevadas a montaña en el país pero para la región la línea costera con cambios . >> a parte del frío por la madrugada, cuidado . >> advertencia no solo de heladas también nevadas en la sierra al este esto para el miércoles, por que el sistema tarda en llegar mañana condiciones frescas . >> máximas en 70 bahía 76 , lunes agradable pero por la noche se siente más frío . >> vemos el cambio desde el miércoles que trae lluvias para nosotros buenas noticias porque mejora el viernes, pasa el frente frío deja aire seco con temperaturas estables . >> no se le olvide el paraguas . >> pesame a la familia rivera y a quienes murieron en el accidente pasela bien , regresamos . >> [♪ ♪] . >> . >> el mundo de los deportes . >> ¿qué tal? buenas tardes es acción deportiva pep guadiola, en la mira del paris, este le pego patada en la final de 1997 cuándo cruz azul le gano a león dirige a deportes perú . >> ramírez podría llegar a pumas . >> más en la sintensis deportiva . >> lionel messi rompe marca de 1972 el alemán se alegra que lionel messi la rompie
Dec 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
temperaturas, nevadas y llovera en la región , detalles al volver . >> [♪ ♪] . >> ñ -. >> el presidente de venezuela tendrá convalecencia compleja dicen que es complicado el vice presidente dice que pidió a venezuela estar preparada para estos días . >> mujer se implanto cocaína en los senos , la señora en vuelo de bogotá, levanto sospecha por las respuestas . >> la policía encontró que tenía dos gasas que tapaban heridas . >> le sacaron dos bolsas con cocaína de los senos . >> [♪ ♪] . >> investigación dice que en 5 años aumentaron problemas de la vista en estados unidos , esto es por aumento en la obesidad, con consecuencias como glaucomas . >> parece que viene más lluvia en camino esta guillermo, el invierno llego para quedarse . >> gracias buenas tardes feliz miércoles, esta baja en las temperaturas no tenemos ni 58 grados, siguen las lloviznas pero compromete zonas altas con nevadas, el centro de la baja presión en la línea costera, esa humedad a lo que es el valle central al sur de california lleva lluvias y en los altos niveles la nieve . >> así que advertencia
Dec 17, 2012 6:00pm PST
n nevada, colorado y toda la región , normal en la temporada donde viene la navidad advertencia de zonas altas por las nevadas, use cadenas por las nieves . >> más lluvias, temperaturas de 44 a 30 grados . >> Único día que estará seco pero frío el miecoles con nublados para dar entrada nuevo sistema no deje paraguas, la lluvia se queda con nosotros . >> más detalles mañana pasela bien , cuídese, nos vemos mañana que descanse .>> [♪ ♪] . >> . > >[♪ ♪] . >> partidazos, de fútbol americano . >> se enfrentan arsenal para el jugador cazorla que anoto 3 par a la victoria de 5 a 2 . >> arsenal esta en la cuarta de la premier el otro en último con 9 ptos salida de diego reyes ira a portugal con el porto , miran también al "chicharito" hernández . >> nueva contracion sabah que prefiere a chivas . >> pachuca compra estudiantes tecos . >> ricardo pelaez dice que las puertas para los jugadores están abiertas . >> mazza pude ser uno . >> medias rojas contratan a steven en úpantalla . >> anoche 49es , vemos el paso patriotas no perdián en últimos p21 partidos . >> tom ano
Dec 20, 2012 6:00pm PST
temperaturas, en zonas de montañas más nevadas . >> que esperan , hablaremos de esto al regreso . >> continuamos . >> [♪ ♪] . >> aumenta tensión en negociaciones para evitar "precipicio fiscal", republicanos aumentan impuestos a quienes ganen más de un millón, cámara de representantes cancela el voto a esta propuesta . >> acuerdo para evitar abismo fiscal a días que los impuestos suban y recortes . >> se acusan de no querer solucion . >> republicanos votan por planb para subir a quienes ganen más de 1 millón porque el presidente no negocia . >> el plan que es imperfecto , evita recortes masivos que vienen . >> y también evita aumentos masivos, el plan aumenta impuestos y no resuelve recortes domesticos . >> el plan b recorta planes para niños y ancianos . >> 25 millones de familias pagarián mil dólares más en impuesto . >> el senado despide al senador en pantalla, el liderazgo demócratas dice que lo republicanos pierden el tiempo . >> por ahora acuerdo se ve menos problable se irian a receso y no regresa hasta el 27 de diciembre . >> sacerdotes , protestaro
Dec 21, 2012 6:00pm PST
mejores condiciones y extremar las precauciones en las carreteras en caso de nevadas y heladas, para saber qué tanto frío volvemos con guillermo y el pronóstico . >> el fin de semana llega baja presión que traerá humedad por lo menos a lo largo del ffin de semana, viernes por la noche y después llegaria el siguiente ssistema,es una serie de tormentas localizadas en el golfo de alaska y traen aadvertencias, zonas altas fuertes nevadas, mucho cuidado en la línea costear con el oleaje y por supuesto el fuerte viento que se presenta, nhay posibilidades que árboles se presenten caidos y el tendido eeléctrico,tenga cuidado, ap esta noche temperaturas en los 49 , el viento solpando hasta 12 mmillas por hora . >> santa claus estará ocupado lidiando con las lluvias, cielos despejados a nublados, pero para tener navidad con lluvias, es lo que sucede amigos también en san josé, lunes noche buena, cielo estable, ambiente frío y llega la lluvia el miércoles, mucho cuidado para los pasajeros, viaje con precaución por la serie de sistemas que llega a california, tengo más detalles, no se
Dec 24, 2012 6:30pm PST
solidarizan con los habitantes de connecticut. blanca navidad para gran parte del paÍs. nevada y lluvia torrencial. y en mÉxico problemas con las armas. comenzam comenzamos. >>> este es su "noticiero univisiÓn". con jorge ramos y marÍa elena salinas. >>> buenas tardes. comenzamos en nueva york donde un hombre emboscÓ a un equipo de bomberos matando a dos y dejando heridos a dos mÁs. en las afueras de rochentes, el agresor incendio su carro para atraer a los rescatistas, la policÍa usÓ un vehÍculo blindado. oficiales intercambiaron disparos con el agresor. el nombre del sospechoso es william spenguer de 62 aÑos que estuvo preso durante 17 aÑos acusado del asesinato de su abuela. en el contexto de estos hechos el presidente de la asociaciÓn nacional del rifle insistiÓ que una nueta ley no es la respuesta para detener a la violencia, dijo que legislaciÓn mÁs severa simplemente no va a darle mÁs seguridad a ningÚn niÑo, hay que proteger a los inocentes y llegar a las causas reales de orÍgenes en tragedias como la de newtown, justamente ahÍ la navidad cobrÓ un significado
Dec 26, 2012 11:35pm PST
un poco más a el norte se registró la más fuerte nevada en casi 90 años, 200 mil hogares están sin luz en eestado, para los que van por carretera deben tener precaución porque son una trampla mortal para las autopistas, una prueba es el choque, aunque la peor parte pasó los residentes se preaparan para las fuertes nevadas y lluvias, mientras en la carolina. >> el mal tiempo también dejó varios muertos ydecenas de personas heridas, incluso afectó a los amantes de la nba porque un juego fue suspendido por las condiciones extremas de la tormenta. >> muchas gracias, en estos casos siempre es bueno consultar la voz de un exdperto, por eso nos acompaña eduardo, ¿qué podemos esperar en las próximas horas ?. >> gracias, podemos esperar más lluvias y nieve, pero no más tornados, creanme que ha sido el peor brote de tornados para una fecha de navidad, concentrada la destrucción y tuvimos algo en la costa, este, centro del país, pero no hay más tornados, por lo menos las condiciones que nos quedan serán lluvias en el corredor costero ,pero hacía el interior viento frío y niev
Dec 11, 2012 11:00pm PST
.o. and reports around oakland as well. and as you look at the sierra nevada it is switching to snow. this is a cold storm. i would not be surprised if they have chain restrictions soon. so far no restrictions at this hour. the temperatures are in the 50s although it is 48 degrees in santa rosa. here are the highlights. rain tonight and scattered showers tomorrow. we are looking at snow level down to 3500 feet. so dropping. frosty mornings for your thursday and friday. here is the satellite and the radar. this is the cold front. the cold front is coming in right now which is why we are starting to see the rain picking up. colder air is funneling in behind it. what i am concerned about is the speckled clouds here. this is moisture up in the clouds, and that is going to translate that showers as we head into the next 24 hours which includes your morning commute as well as the possibility of some snow. now that cold front will be moving fast. by 1:00 a.m. it is in the east bay and down toward the south bay. behind it these showers will develop at 5:00 a.m., and you will see some wet roa
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm PST
warn new advance. here's a look at the sierra nevada. you can see that the snow is starting to pick up again in this sierra nevada across enter nature 80 and 50 so i do want to tell you that there's a winter weather advisory for the lake tahoe area that has been extended until noochbility we'll talk about that in just a moment. look terrain fall total. santa rosa airport $2,200 picked up over an inch in the last 24 hours. san jose 15 hundredths. oakland 43 hundred. out to fairfield livermore under a tenth of an inch of rain in the past 24 hours. here's what fell in clear lake this was posted on my face book page by roger kay he said over the weekend they received some snow we had warned you on friday that mountains lake county could possibly 7 some snow. we are headed towards another night of some very cold conditions and tomorrow we may see the snow level lowering down to 3000 here locally but up to the north they could see repeat of the snow they saw over the weekend. slight chance of showers. freezing cold with patchy frost by wednesday morning when we expect upper 20's.
Dec 22, 2012 6:00pm PST
in the sierra. i-80 was closed at colfax to the nevada state line. it has since re-opened. the highway is offlimit for trucks from applegate to the nevada state line, and look another other nasty driving conditions near lake tahoement. near white out conditions, and highway 267 at north star is snow packed and the snow is still coming down, and stay with fours continuing storm watch coverage. get the latest photographs on abc-7 at 9:00 on channel 13 and right here on abc-7 news, and you can check live doppler 7hd anytime on abc-7 news. >> an unlicensed driver has been channeled with reckless driving after knocking down a light pole. officers tell us the driver was going 60-miles-an-hour and was trying to beat the red light. he lost control, smashed into the signal light pole and crossing arm and ended up on the curb. >>> cell phone thieves now have a new target. your kindness. becomely police say there have been self reports of cell phone thefts where the suggest claims to have an emergency and asks to borrow the victim's phone. the suspect then grabs the phone and takes off. police sa
Dec 13, 2012 12:00pm PST
and monday and tuesday. the rain just keeps coming. lots of snow in the sierra nevada. boreal expecting more snow. also sugar bowl 8" of new snow. and more snow as you make your way into other parts of the sierra nevada, plenty of snow in northstar, as well. back to you. >> thank you. >>> a slugfest worthy of a pro hockey game. but it's not. it's a fake fight and it looks like the real deal between two mascots. what happens? we'll tell you. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, get along. this was supposed to be a fake fight between louisvilles bulldog and du's owd went >>> here we go. sometimes mascots just can't get along apparently. this was supposed to be a fake fight between louisville's bulldogs, the dupont rams of kentucky. high school hoops actually. the crowd went wild when it turned into a real "basketbrawl." security guards had to break it up. the schools apparently have a rivalry back to 1893 and the mascots aren't too friendly apparently. >> you have to keep it on a friendly level, right? >> both their heads stayed on, though. >> that's good. >> that's professional. >>> governor jerry brown is un
Dec 12, 2012 12:00am PST
carlos and sf t.o. and reports around oakland as well. and as you look at the sierra nevada it is switching to snow. this is a cold storm. i would not be surprised if they have chain restrictions soon. so far no restrictions at this hour. the temperatures are in the 50s although it is 48 degrees in santa rosa. here are the highlights. rain tonight and scattered showers tomorrow. we are looking at snow level down to 3500 feet. so dropping. frosty mornings for your thursday and friday. here is the satellite and the radar. this is the cold front. the cold front is coming in right now which is why we are starting to see the rain picking up. colder air is funneling in behind it. what i am concerned about is the speckled clouds here. this is moisture up in the clouds, and that is going to translate that showers as we head into the next 24 hours which includes your morning commute as well as the possibility of some snow. now that cold front will be moving fast. by 1:00 a.m. it is in the east bay and down toward the south bay. behind it these showers will develop at 5:00 a.m., and y
Dec 28, 2012 9:00am PST
, nevada. people sled riding down the hill. love doing this kind of thing. watch these two here. looks like they might be on one of those little saucer sleds. >> oh, oh, oh, oh! >> they quickly get turned around and start heading down the hill backwards and that person is not paying attention at all. you hear the camera man say watch out. >> watch out! >> who has their back to a bunch of people sledding downhill? >> i've got to say the worst is yet to come because they don't check on the person at all and just want to see they got it oncera. >> tha did you get that? the person is still sprawled out laying there in the snow. these two are just excited they ran into somebody and hopefully got it on video. i think this person is okay. we hope so. all these people just standing around waiting to be taken down. >> yeah. >>> new year's eve is upon us, and with that comes the inevitable of new year's day, hangover. >> oh, boy. >> there's a place called hangover heaven in las vegas, nevada. do you guys remember talking about this? there's a doctor who specializes in getting rid of that hangover fe
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm PST
despues de haber desaparecido en medio de una tormenta de nieve en nevada, un hombre de sacramento fue hallado muerto y su novia fue hospitalizada tras sufrir congelacion en algunas extremidades take vo ---la pareja salio de sacramento en un vehiculo todoterreno la noche de accion de gracias hacia las montaÑas de nevada ---la camioneta se atasc y el hombre, roderick clifton, salio a buscar ayuda ---al ver que no volva, su novia abandon el vehculo ---un hermano de la mujer la encontr ayer, una tarea que le fue dificil a las autoridades pues el vehiculo fue cubierto por la nieve. cesar ---se detecta en ciertos articulos para bebe un quimico que ha sido prohibido porque podria causar cancer... take vo ---el centro para la salud ambiental de oakland puso a prueba colchones para cunas, colchonetas para cambio de paÑales, tapetes para dormir y otros productos que contienen esponjas y dicen que encontraron niveles altos del quimico que se utilice para proteger ciertas telas contra las llamas... ---la organizacion ademas anuncio que tomara acciones legales contra las tiendas que venden los p
FOX Business
Dec 27, 2012 12:00am EST
nevada and three others which were grandfathered in. very simplest form the new jersey case seems as well if you allowed it in four states, why not just allow it everywhere? >> i think that is exactly right. that's the argument. why should the federal government ban something in new jersey that's allowed in nevada. adam: right. >> it is illogical. adam: along comes the nfl, the nba, different sports leagues and they say no, no, no. you can't allow betting on our games in it was the nba in new jersey. that will give perception the games are fixed and we're not up and up kinds of people, right? and the judge agreed? >> i think the judge came to the conclusion somehow it would harm the leagues. i don't think anyone thinks it is necessarily means it is fixed. what everyone wants, everyone bets illegally other than in navy. adam: not here. people to do this all the time. >> estimate 300 to $500 million is bet illegally in the u.s. if you took 5% of that, that means there are $150 million going somewhere and not going to taxable businesses. it is not going to create jobs. it is going somewhere.
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